Kernel Mycofoods will start working with Ennolys to bring alternative protein to the market within the year

March 12, 2021
Kernel will begin industrial scaling-up processes with Ennolys. The firm, one of Lesaffre’s business units, will support Kernel to develop its industrial process and produce samples for clients.
Kernel Mycofoods will start working with Ennolys to bring alternative protein to the market within the year

Kernel aims to achieve industrial production volumes within the year. 

Ennolys offers a full range of subcontracting services in R&D and custom fermentation: ENNATECH. This service benefits from the solid experience of the group in microbiology and biotechnology but also from the multidisciplinary skills of an expert team associated with the performance of flexible and multifunctional production tools. 

Kernel is engaged to support a number of UN Sustainable Development Goals by producing a high-quality, protein-rich ingredient that is fully sustainable and affordable. 

In reference to the growing demand for meatless products, Kernel’s CEO, Horacio Acerbo, said:

“In the middle of a meatless burger war, we want to bring to market a product that can go beyond a single application. We are creating building blocks for the food of the future.”  

The collaboration is coming at a crucial time, as Kernel is about to start providing mycofood to the US Space Agency NASA, to be tested as a source of protein for astronaut crews, and support space exploration.

Bernard Azais, Ennolys Directeur General, said about the collaboration:

“This contract development service fits exactly within the ENNATECH offer of Ennolys, aiming to provide optimal conditions to support our client’s project development towards their industrialization.”.

About Ennolys / Ennatech

Ennolys uses the advances in biotechnology to assist aromaticians, food manufacturers, and nutraceuticals. This business unit part of the Lesaffre Group combines activities in relation to expertise in fermentation. 

Ennolys develops a wide range of natural aromatic molecules, including vanillin. With excellent flexibility, its industrial tools guarantee fermentation services of a wide range of natural ingredients such as probiotics and ensure their post-processing. One hundred employees around the world are committed to the natural approach, client satisfaction and innovation. 

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