Kernel Mycofoods to become Eternal. A new branding to reflect a new stage for the business.

January 21, 2022
Among celebrations for the initial Mycofood orders getting ready for shipment, the Biotech company is changing its name to reflect an ambitious broader remit.
Kernel Mycofoods to become Eternal. A new branding to reflect a new stage for the business.

January 2022 - Eternal, formerly Kernel Mycofoods, announced the name change to reflect the company's ambition: to become a leading technology & innovation platform, where robotics, artificial intelligence and other cutting edge technologies support life science research with the objective of tackling today’s toughest issues. 

Among the celebrations for its food product -Mycofood- becoming market-ready, the company mentioned additional areas of research they are working with, which include space exploration technology and sustainable construction materials. 

“The only way to become 100% Karma-free is by developing new products that beat the performance of their predecessors without making the environment or clients pay a premium for it. Food is only the beginning.” Horacio Acerbo, the company CEO commented proudly.

The company recently closed a corporate investment round, which has seen their R&D value jumping beyond $42m, and the company valuation even further ahead. The capital is expected to fuel the future growth of the business. 

Eternal will keep Mycofood as their ingredient name: “by calling our product an alternative protein, we are selling ourselves short: Mycofood is much more than that - it is a complete food, with amazing health and nutritional properties.” said Dr. Martin Blasco, the Company CSO.

About Eternal, formerly Kernel Mycofood.

Eternal is a biotech innovation powerhouse that spent years researching ways to provide sustainable, cruelty-free protein at costs that allow a global footprint. The project was a spin-out of Enye Tech, a multi awarded multidisciplinary agency led by H. Acerbo, Eternal’s CEO. 

The company uses AI, computer vision, and proprietary tech as an innovation platform to tackle the world's most pressing issues, with a strong focus on sustainability. Recent winners of Phase-1 NASA Deep Space Food Challenge and one of the semi-finalists of the ongoing XPRIZE Feed the Next Billion.

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