Jimmy Joy + Eternal to launch a first of its kind fungi-based complete meal

March 16, 2022
Jimmy Joy, the food company pioneering in nutritionally complete sustainable meals, will start using Mycofood in their Plenny Shake Active as part of their goal to create the healthiest and most sustainable meals possible.
Jimmy Joy + Eternal to launch a first of its kind  fungi-based complete meal

Jimmy Joy’s Plenny Shake Active, first complete meal with fungi-based protein, created in collaboration with Eternal.

London, March 2021 - Fungi-based foods are increasing in popularity: even celebrities like Leonardo di Caprio are praising them. And now, Jimmy Joy -  pioneer in nutritionally complete food - will include a fungi-based protein called Mycofood in their Plenny Shake Active range by collaborating with Eternal - one of the leading biotech companies producing fungi-based protein.

Jimmy Joy is updating the formula of Plenny Shake Active to include the new ingredient, Mycofood, which contains all essential amino acids and highly rated sustainability credentials.

Mycofood is an ingredient made out of Fusarium venenatum, a microfungus unique for its high protein content. It’s also high in fiber, low in fat, and contains no cholesterol.

The ingredient offers greater amino acid availability than beef without the negative environmental impact animal protein produces. Better still, scientific research conducted by Oxford University demonstrated how Mycofood’s key ingredient can reduce health conditions like diabetes and obesity.

Producing protein through fermentation processes is more efficient and sustainable than using animal or plant based sources. The production of Mycofood greatly reduces CO2 emissions, water consumption and land use, with an environmental impact 97% lower than beef.

The collaboration between Eternal and Jimmy Joy started over a year ago out of Jimmy Joy's ambition to create the healthiest and most sustainable meals possible. Together with Eternal they are now finding new ways to deliver on that  promise. 

“It took some time , but we are really excited to be able to release a first-off. We worked really hard to create a vegan product that is nutritionally complete, tasty and now even more sustainable”, Joey, Jimmy Joy’s CEO mentioned.

Jimmy Joy’s new Plenny Shake Active is easy to prepare, high in protein, and has minimal impact on the planet. It is 100% Plant+fungi-based, contains 26 vitamins and minerals, plus all essential amino acids (EAAS) - making it a nutritionally complete meal - and by adding Mycofood, it also helps to promote the development of lean muscle mass.

“It is amazing to see our ingredient making it into new products! Joey has been a fantastic partner, trusting us since the very beginning.” Horacio Acerbo, Eternal founder commented. 

Plenny Shake Active with Mycofood is expected to be available in 2022 through Jimmy Joy’s website www.jimmyjoy.com.

About Jimmy Joy

Launched in 2014, Jimmy Joy's mission is to shake up the food system by creating healthy, tasty, sustainable complete meals that save time and money. Each Plenny meal provides the perfect balance of protein, carbs, fiber, and essential fats, plus all 26 essential vitamins and minerals necessary for optimal health. 


About Mycofood

Mycofood is a fungi-based ingredient developed by Eternal. It is sustainable, vegan and non-gmo.

About Eternal

Eternal is a biotechnology company that uses Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Computer Vision to develop sustainable solutions for a variety of industries, from food to construction materials. Eternal is an XPRIZE semi-finalist and NASA Deep Space Food Challenge winner.