Protein Analytical Scientist

Job Description

Eternal is searching for a Protein Analytical Scientist to work on new and existing product research and development. As a member of our team, the Protein Analytical Scientist will undertake laboratory operations and data analysis to help in the definition of products, the understanding of structure-function correlations, and the creation of successful goods, processes, and formulations.


  • Establish relationships between chemical structures and composition, material properties, processes and product performance using machine learning and other data science approaches to identify new product development or process improvement opportunities.
  • To study novel measuring methods in order to speed up the creation of new products and enhance the manufacturing of existing ones.
  • Data analysis will aid Analytical Science, Informatics, and Product Development teams in developing and deploying relevant models.
  • Management of projects to develop new and update existing analytical capabilities for characterization of plant proteins and other food ingredients
  •  Leading multifunctional teams to implement new testing technology in Product Development and Manufacturing.
  • Routine troubleshooting of issues in testing and products with internal and external customers
  • Keeping up-to-date on advances in measurement systems through open sources
  • Writing reports and effectively communicating results to project teams and stakeholders
  •  Development of industry relationships and networks within professional organizations.
  •  Supervision and development of junior staff.

Experience, Qualifications, Skills and Knowledge

  • PhD in Food Science, Biochemistry, Chemistry or another relevant field with 0 to 2+ years of relevant experience. 
  • Master's Degree with 3-5+ years relevant experience or Bachelor's Degree with 5 to 10+ years relevant experience also considered.
  • Expertise in protein chemistry, characterization methods for research and quality control purposes, and structure-function relationships of these materials
  • Working knowledge of bioinformatics and application of data science and advanced statistical analysis
  • Working knowledge of a wide range of analytical techniques (e.g. vibrational spectroscopy, separation science, mass spectrometry, thermal analysis, X-ray techniques)
  • Demonstrated ability to manage projects independently and lead multifunctional teams
  • Familiarity with method validation and measurement system assessment
  • Strong critical analytical thinking and problem-solving capabilities
  • Ability to propose novel approaches.
  • Strong communication skills, both written and oral, including proven ability to write comprehensive technical reports and deliver technical presentations
  • Ability to work productively with coworkers in a range of jobs within the firm study continually and keep up with current scientific advances
  • Strong computer skills.