Fermentation Engineer

Job Description

Eternal is hiring a fermentation engineer who will be responsible for developing and optimizing fermentation processes for the production of alternative proteins.


  • Development of new and optimization of existing industrial fungi and protein fermentation, DSP and formulation processes.
  • Plan and execute protein fermentation experimental design (Lab, pilot & industrial scale) ensuring safety, effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Collect, analyze and interpret experimental (Lab, pilot & industrial scale), and actual production data.
  • Communicate with key stakeholders in R&D, engineering, manufacturing, CROs and CMOs. 
  • Collaborate with biochemistry and molecular biology team on fungi of interest characteristics and peculiarities to adapt the most effective and efficient fermentation, DSP and formulation strategy.
  • Involve in manufacturing infrastructure development and upgrade, including unit operation design, in-line process monitoring & automation, data management systems.
  • Collaborate in troubleshooting and lead continuous improvement and new technology implementation initiatives at industrial scale fermentation facilities.
  • Conduct fermentation experiments safely and effectively against the project goals with a high level of excellence to ensure precise and accurate data. 
  • Record and document all stages of R&D work, operate lab information & knowledge management systems.
  • Prepare technical, experimental reports, techno-economic feasibility assessments for communicating work outcomes and future recommendations. 
  • Ensure compliance with laws and internal policies.

Experience, Qualifications, Skills and Knowledge

  • MSc degree in biotechnology, biochemical engineering, or comparable subject (PhD preferred) with 3+ years of experience as a Fermentation Engineer or equivalent function.
  • Working knowledge of fungi or yeast employing benchtop fermenters, microbiological methods, downstream processes, and statistical tools.
  • Scale-up experience is a bonus.
  • Applied understanding of microbial physiology, chemistry, enzymology, physics, statistics, fermenter/bioreactor design, process data analytics, control, and automation are all required.
  • Modern molecular biology, strain and molecular engineering knowledge is a plus.