Agriculture, cattle-breeding, and deforestation for soy production are responsible for nearly 20% of all global greenhouse gas emissions*. Also, traditional protein farming is unsustainable, with its current increasing demand of 10M tonnes per year.

*According to Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

Eternal produces better food proteins with a fraction of the environmental impact of other rich protein foods.

less environmental impact than beef
less environmental impact than chicken
less environmental impact than soy
Estimated percentage combining CO2 emissions, water consumption and land use.
CO2 emissions
CO2 emissions
(Average Kilograms per kg)
Mycofood: 4
Beef: 69
Chicken: 13.5
Soy: 1.5
Water consumption
Water consumption
(Litres per kg)
Mycofood: 388
Beef: 15,415
Chicken: 4,325
Soy: 2,400
Land use
Land use
(Average m2 per kg-1)
Mycofood: 1.5
Beef: 213.5
Chicken: 14
Soy: 3.5
Sources: Smetana et al., 2015 - 2012 / Nijdam et al., 2012 / Smetana et al., 2015 / Dalgaard et al., 2007 / Finnigan et al., 2017 / Mekonnen & Hoekstra, 2010